In a Depressed Time

Hi, I found you through Google.
I’m in an extremely depressed time
Of my life and I’m really not sure where to turn.

If I can some how talk with someone who understands then maybe I can have some peace of mind.

If you can help it would be appreciated!

Thank you. Merinna☆





Depression is a difficult thing, not to be trifled with. I have lots of resources on the subject. One of the best is the book titled Happiness is a Choice by Minirth and Meier. I encourage you to talk about your feelings to someone you trust. Your pastor is a good place to start. He can recommend you to a biblical counselor in your area.

Know that many of God’s faithful servants went through times of discouragement and depression. Some of those are: Elijah, David, Paul, Jeremiah, and Moses. You are in good company. They worked their way through those difficult times by pouring their feelings out to God and by keeping their eyes on Him. Many of the Psalms are helpful to see how David poured out his soul to God.

A verse that I recommend highly is Philippians 4:8. Another way to battle depression is to read the 23rd Psalm every day for one month. Read it five time a day that month.

Let me hear again from you. Do not try to battle this by yourself.


Pastor Chris