Is Dancing A Sin?

Dear Pastor,

Hello pastor Chris. How are you doing? My question to you is about dancing. I am 48 years old and a Christian. I like to dance ,no I love to dance! I have been dancing all my life and the problem I’m having is, I love Jesus so much I want to please Him in every way I can. I heard in my bible study today that dancing is not pleasing to him. I go dancing sometimes Fridays and Saturdays in a club but not to drink or pick up men. I go dance because it makes me feel good.  I am really struggling with this because I want only to please Jesus first. Jesus put the love of dance in my heart and I am very good at it. I know it all comes from Jesus. That was one of the many gifts that I was born with. Please help guide me on what I need to do. I feel I know the answer already, but I am so sad that I have to give up something I really enjoy doing. I don’t really have any friends and I like it like that, no drama in my life. I  love to dance and exercise, that is what I spend a lot of my time doing, other than bible study, always first! Thank you so much for listening to my issue. Have a Blessed day :0)




Dear Tracy,

There is nothing wrong with dancing. The Bible tells us that King David “danced before the Lord” (2 Samuel 6:14). David was rejoicing because the Ark of the Covenant was being brought to the City of David. (Here the City of David means Jerusalem. Sometimes the City of David means Bethlehem, where David was born.)

The issue is not dancing itself. The issue is what kind of dancing is being done, the music being danced to, and where the dance is happening. Is the dance being done to arouse sensual lust? Is the music filled with vulgarities and encouragements to immorality? Is the location where the dancing is held above reproach?

We have a dance class at our church. It is an exercise class that meets in our gym. Men and women participate. Adults, teens, and children can walk through the gym at any time. The music is never vulgar and is a mix of secular and contemporary Christian.

There may be an outlet for your desire to dance through the ministry of a local church in your area. My wife and I dance at weddings, usually a good place to do so. Some churches incorporate dance into their worship services.

Whatever you do, do for the glory of the Lord!


~Pastor Chris