I'm Not Sure What My Wife Wants Anymore…


Here is my situation. My wife had a hysterectomy almost two years ago. I think October is two years. Here lately she is telling me she doesn’t love me anymore. I am not what she wants anymore. She doesn’t want this life anymore. Says she doesn’t desire me sexually anymore but then there are days she does but says it means nothing. Says she is planning to leave me she has a lawyer. Is this normal? Anyone else relate to that? Just wish someone could tell me what is going on and that it will be okay and how long this will last. Also our finances are a wreck with student loans and credit card debt any financial assistance out there by chance? She is wanting a new house that I would love to provide but know we can’t afford.. I am praying and believing God for a miracle. Anyone care to stand with me? Any words of wisdom?
Scripture? Anyone hearing from God on this and have something from him to tell me? Sorry to dump all this on y’all but I need help.
Sending this out to lots of people and hoping for a lot of replies. Please understand if you do respond it may take me a few days to get back to you because I work six days a week.


Tim, let me urge you to speak with your pastor face-to-face. There are many complexities to your situation and you need someone to walk with you as you go through it. Be assured that God knows what is going on and that nothing is too hard for Him (Genesis 18:14). Keep seeking the Lord. He knows the way and will help you find it.

Your wife has had a lot of trauma to contend with concerning her surgery. Surgeries can wreck havoc on the emotions even after the physical healing is complete. Be patient with her, pray, and make an appointment to see your pastor together.

Pastor Chris