I had a dream about death, what is your opinion?

I have been recently for a long time in my kids had dreams of death. Maybe because I have been sick all of my life. But recently I felt that God told me that he did not send me into the world for a long time. I Feel that this is what The Lord is telling me, I have been suffering all my lIfe with illnesses and I feel God is trying to show me to get ready for I am soon gonna be with him and he will end my suffering. I would like to ask your opinion on my revelation?



When you consider eternity, this life is less than a blip on a radar screen for all of us. Therefore we all should be prepared to die.

As to your dreams, be careful. Dreams and impressions do not always speak the truth. The best information on this subject that I have found is in James Dobson’s book titled Emotions: Can You Trust Them?: The Best-Selling Guide to Understanding and Managing Your Feelings of Anger, Guilt, Self-Awareness and Love I encourage you to read this book It is easily read and will help your perspective on the subject of impressions.

Pastor Chris