How do we know that we are responding according to God’s word?

Dear Pastor,


I have a question. We live life with a purpose. When we are face with a difficult situation, how do we know that we are responding according to God’s word?

Thank You in advance.












Difficult decisions are just exactly that…difficult. To know if you are responding according to God’s word you will do well to take a concordance, find every biblical reference pertaining to the situation you are concerned about, and study those verses. Think about them. Dwell with them. Saturate your mind and heart with them. Read them in context. Ask the Holy Spirit to interpret them for you by illuminating your understanding (John 14:26; 16:13-15). I recommend speaking with others only after doing your own biblical research. Watch out for your emotions. They can cloud your judgment.


If you decide to seek advice from someone, choose a person who is biblically mature and known for wisdom; someone who has nothing to gain by your decision. After all of that, ask yourself what Jesus would do and obey His prompting.


For a more detailed answer to this important question see Decision Making by the Book: Decision Making by the Book: How to Choose Wisely in an Age of Options


~ Pastor Chris

How do I live with the wisdom of God?

Pastor Chris,

I’m just wondering what I need to do in order to operate with the wisdom of God. Is it a matter of asking God to give me the spirit of wisdom (Ephesians 1:17) or should I just acknowledge that the wisdom of God (sophia) is already in me and start thanking God for the wisdom availed for me? I am a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your concern.

~ Daniel






Wisdom is a gift from God. Solomon asked for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:10) and God gave it to him. In the passage that you refer to (Ephesians 1:17) Paul asks God to give the Christians in Ephesus the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that they may know Jesus better. Ask God for wisdom and study the scriptures diligently (2 Timothy 2:15). And stay close to Jesus.

~ Pastor Chris