Struggling to Understand Biblical Tithing


Hi Pastor,

I have been struggling to comprehend the issue of tithing from this perspective…
1. when am employed with a monthly salary,then i take a salary loan{i.e to repay from my salary deductions} –am i supposed to give the tithe of the loan before i start business with it?
2. i have been unfaithful in paying my tithe,now i want to repay but
I cannot be able to trace how much money i have robbed God. What should i do Biblically?

Thanks Pastor
from Kenya



Tithing is an important biblical concept. Jesus Himself endorsed it (Luke 11:42). There is no biblical rule about how to calculate the tithe other than giving the first ten percent of our income to God.

I have found that when I pray with an open heart, God will impress upon me what He wants me to do. This applies to all aspects of life (how much to give, where to serve, decisions, etc.). Sometimes God stretches our faith by asking us to do things that seem impossible; and, indeed, they are impossible without Him. But with God, everything He asks us to do is possible (Phil. 4:13).

So, act on what His Spirit impresses you to do. He will give you a prompt from His Spirit that will either convict you if you are falling short of what He wants or will bring joy to your heart if you are obeying Him. I have experienced both.

Pastor Chris